Topic: RoR developers need in NYC

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A unique opportunity within a global organization, in a new web R&D group with a real “start-up” mentality, for the creation of cutting edge WEB product launches.

Over the past several months, they have attracted some top talent and high profile individuals to help head their re-organization and new initiative.

Currently launching cutting-edge, beta web products…Environment has a true “ground floor feel” with an established backbone.

They are continuing to search for and attract the most talented Web 2.0 software engineers in the country (i.e. Yahoo, Google, Amazon, etc.)

They want brilliant OO based Java or Rails types with a true passion for Open Source/Agile, building large scale commercialized products in fast paced environment. 

Open to a mix of talent on the front and back end, but must have the willingness and drive to continue learning, and the motivation to keep up with the latest and greatest web technologies on the market.

Looking for someone with real production experience of deploying websites/web products using Rails from beginning to end….must also understand the Rails framework and architecture…will be central in the development of production systems for a very high traffic, consumer public facing site.

Experience understanding of web applications, REST, and HTTP and knowledge with Nginx, Mongrel, GIT, Capistrano and Memcached are generally preferred.