Topic: helper in a layout

Can I put a helper into a layout?  I'm trying to include a helper that generates breadcrumbs into my application layout.  The helper is in the application_helper.rb  When I try to call

<% helper :breadcrumbs %>

it generates a no method error:

undefined method `helper' for #<#<Class:0xb78ac620>:0xb78a69c8>

I really don't want to have to call that helper in all my templates and then pass and instance variable to the layout.

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Re: helper in a layout

I can call helper methods in application_helper.rb from the layout.  Must be something in your way.

Re: helper in a layout

If you have

def myHelper
  #do something
  "Some output HTML"

declared in application_helper.rb you will be able to call <%=myHelper%> from any of your views/templates.