Topic: dynamic select menu doesn't work for 'form_tag'

Hi Everyone,

I have tried  with the dynamic menu using " "  site.
i implemented and it was working fine for 'form_for' tag.
But i need to do the same function  with 'form_tag' as like as,
<% javascript 'dynamic_states' %>
<%form_tag do%>
  <label for="person_country_id">Country:</label>
  <%= collection_select :id, Country.find(:all), :id, :name, :prompt => "Select a Country" %>

child records doesn't changed to its corresponding parent when i use 'form_tag'....
i want to do with 'form_tag'
Please help me....

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Re: dynamic select menu doesn't work for 'form_tag'

It works well.  If you prefer not the use JQuery, then this: or

Which works equivalently well.  Hope that helps.

Re: dynamic select menu doesn't work for 'form_tag'

Thanks for your reply. i got 'Bad request. The link you followed is incorrect or outdated.' error when i clicked the first link.I dint get any information when  clicked the second link.I don know how to find the solution in the second link.Plz send me  the working version of the code if it is possible to paste here.