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  I was wondering if anyone has gotten the above combo up and running fine. After placing the file in the modules directory and making appropriate changes to the httpd.conf file, I get the following error.

apache: Syntax error on line 119 of C:/dev/xampp/xampp/apache/conf/httpd.conf: Cannot load C:/dev/xampp/xampp/apache/modules/ into server: The specified module could not be found.

   The module however is present in the modules directory, so I have no idea why it keeps telling me this. If it helps, I'm using the XAMPP install for Apache and MySQL. Oh yes, I'm also trying to do this on Windows XP.

Thanks in advance

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Re: Rails + Apache + SCGI

I don't know much about SCGI, but look at how the InstantRails package does it for an idea of how to get SCGI and Apache working together.

However, I believe SCGI is out of favor and Mongrel+mod_proxy is the preferred way to work on Apache now. smile

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Re: Rails + Apache + SCGI

Yeah, I just realized that after browsing around a bit big_smile.. Any good tutorials on it? To set up Mongrel + Apache + Rails?

Re: Rails + Apache + SCGI

Here are the two articles I used when setting this up: … nd-mongrel

and … o-and-you/

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