Topic: From InstantRails to Full Ruby-Rails-MySQL Install??


I am new to Ruby On Rails.

I installed the "InstantRails" zip put it under "C:\Ruby" Everything is included, MySQl, Apache, Rails etc... I am also using RadRails as my IDE.

I developed some apps perfectly fine... no problems.

But I had to do away with the InstantRails and do a complete install from scratch.

I installed in this order.
1) Ruby 1.8.5 (C:\Ruby)
2) MySql Server 5.0 and tools (C:\MySql Server)
3) Lastest Rails 1.2.1 using console
4) I copied my last "InstantRails" RadRails to my new "C:\Ruby\RadRails" folder
5) I copied my rail apps from my last "InstantRails" install to "c:\Ruby\rails_apps\??" (?? = my apps that worked.
6) I moved my database files from that "instantRails" install from the "\mysql\data\??" to "C:\Mysql Server\data" folder.

FYI... I noticed in all the tutorials that Apache is not being installed. I assume because newer Rails uses just the WebBrick server. Right?

I ran my RadRails and change my options to point to my Ruby parameters. I can start the webbrick server in RadRails, but when I launch a web site on one of my apps... it doesn't find the databases.

Where is the settings that points to my newly located MySql data path??


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Re: From InstantRails to Full Ruby-Rails-MySQL Install??


I did find that the install of MySql Server 5.1 was not connecting.
I got that fixed.

However, I still can not get my previous rails app to run using the MySQL Server location.

What I did is moved the "c:\Ruby\mysql\data\cookbook" app to my new setup... "c:\MySql Server\data\cookbook"

This is supose to be the database files.

But, when I open them in MySql Administrator... it says the table doesn't exist?

Am I moving my databases correctly and will this work??