Topic: Unit Test Scaffolding (CRUD / Validation) Generator

I hate testing so I've been working a simple generatorthat will automatically create a MODELNAME_autotest.rb so all you have to do is fill in a few hashes with @stored_values, @new_values, @updated_values (as well as some validation test arrays and the testing is done for you.

Before I get too far with it I'd like to see if there's something already out there.  I've seen ZenTest but still from the site and articles don't have a clear idea what it does.  It seems to be a lot more than what I'm shooting for.

I basically want to take the busy work out of creating Unit tests (and perhaps functional tests) by autogenerating them and just filling in the test data.


Re: Unit Test Scaffolding (CRUD / Validation) Generator

Have you gotten anywhere with this?