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Can any one tell me much more about:

1. Rake TASK creation.
2. How to talk to different clients.
3. How to talk to the DB which is located in another system.

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1) put custom tasks under RAILS_ROOT/lib/tasks
2) Different clients for what?
3) Use the :host attribute in your database.yml

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Thank you for your reply....

I have create "Rakefile" under "RAILS_ROOT/lib/tasks".
But, it is detecting the tasks which are written in "Rakefile" only. Means, it have create one more file "utils.rake" file.
But, when i type "rake utils.rake --tasks". It is showing the tasks which are present in "Rakefile" only.

Q1: How can i create different different rake files...??

i have changed :host tag in my YML file to get access to the DB which is placed in another SYS.

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I want to take backup of my database......

Everyday evening my RAKE function should be called.... and it should provide me... the Backup of my Database with Data in Plain format (*.sql).

I am using PostgreSQL.
So, can any one tell me how to write program for this task.....????

I am very new to RAKE...