Topic: Rails 3 - who's looking forward to it?

Hi everyone, this is my first post here (and on a rails/ruby site too! smile).

Like many others I've been agonising over which language and framework to learn, python/django or php/cakephp (already know the basics of php/mysql) or ruby/rails. As you might guess, I settled on Ruby! Two main reasons; the language seems so elegant and easy to learn and work with, and rails looks great! I especially like how they merged with merb - that tells me there's few oversized egos at the helm (of both) and I think that cemented it for me.

Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone has any idea about when Rails 3 will be released, and to pretty much just start a conversation about it to be honest.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts, and hopefully get carried away in the excitement with you all big_smile

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Re: Rails 3 - who's looking forward to it?

Hmm... haven't heard any official date. I think it'll overall be exciting. I know Rails updates can be rather aggravating to a certain extent though during an update's official release, because they change how very particular things work, and you don't realize it until you go to use that part of Rails and it doesn't work... tongue

All in all though, it'll be pretty cool. Welcome to the site. smile The great part about it is, if you can't figure something out, one of us is bound to...

Re: Rails 3 - who's looking forward to it?

I was wondering the same thing.   I've googled for a few minutes and have not found any recent news.


Re: Rails 3 - who's looking forward to it?

So.. what does everyone think of what they've seen in the beta so far? smile

Re: Rails 3 - who's looking forward to it?

Just starting to look at it. But it looks good, combined with Ruby 1.9.1 I'd say it will be pretty sweet.


Re: Rails 3 - who's looking forward to it?

Which bits do you like Cherring?