Topic: Looking for a simple searchable database in rails


I am new to rails, and have been looking for examples of a very simple database in rails. I fine lots of very nice web sites and good tutorials, but nothing like what I want.

Which would be something like a web page that calls up salary information on football coaches. All it needs to do is pull coach name, university, salary, years as coach, for example. And then if you click on the headers, it sorts alphabetically or by salary.

Anyone know of an example of such a thing?

Thank you

Re: Looking for a simple searchable database in rails


A few quick notes:

1. Are you going to store the football information locally in your database, or do you plan on extracting it from external sites? I am assuming that you will do it locally, in which case you must generate database tables (using migrations) for each model you define. Most introductory rails sites will cover this, and you should just need a 'university' and 'coach' model from the information you gave.

2. You will need to find a good searching tutorial. For smaller, non performance intensive projects, I usually recommend: The code for searching will be setup within your controllers and models, and you can check out for tutorials on doing this.

3. Finally, you have a few options for the grid, but I would recommend checking out JQuery Grids (javascript based pagination and sorting). Try this tutorial: