Topic: RQT (request for tutorial): Data Warehouse / Dimensional Modeling


Are there any good fully-spelled-out examples for Data Warehousing / Dimensional modeling in Rails?  An implementation of one of the chapters from Ralph Kimball's excellent The Data Warehouse Toolkit would be ideal...

I understand Dimensional Modeling.  I understand just enough Rails, but not quite enough to write the migrations to establish foreign keys, one-to-many relationships and efficient joins.  It's a small hurdle, I know, but it's one that I haven't been able to scale.  There must be others in the same boat.

[As an aside, I'm NOT interested in a pre-written package like ActiveWarehouse -- at least not yet.  I'd like to understand what's going on under the hood first, and later I'll switch over as appropriate.]


Re: RQT (request for tutorial): Data Warehouse / Dimensional Modeling

You should read the Rails Guides on Associations and migrations -