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                       In my accounting project there are three text fields named

transaction,account heads, the transaction field there are three

options such as withdrawal,transfer and deposit.

                        so when we select the options such as withdrawal and

deposit the items should be selected from account heads and category.

but in the case of the selection of 'transfer' option the 'account head' and 'category' text field (and the label also) should be changed into 'from accounts' to 'to accounts'

                          do anyone have any idea regarding this issue.
                                                                                     thank you.

Re: altering textfields

Can you post the code you are currently using to show the fields?

It sounds like you are using drop down select fields but I can't be sure from your description.

Re: altering textfields

     Thanks for your interest.

                   Yeah ,you are right.I am using drop down select fields.Unfortunately i can't post

the code right now b,coz the code is in my office computer.

                                              The three text fields transaction,account head,category are all

drop down text fields.The drop down items of transaction field are transfer ,withdrawal and

deposit.There will be several items in account head and withdrawal (that can be added

according to the users discretion.But the drop down items of 'transfer' is always static

                                            See what i am trying to say is while selecting 'withdrawal'

and 'deposit' from transaction the account head and category field should not be changed.

But in the case of the selection of 'transfer' the account head and withdrawal text field (and

also the label)must be changed into 'from accounts' to 'to accounts' from the same place.

                              ie a new drop down menu should be formed in the old place.

Hope you have got a better idea.

Re: altering textfields

Transaction is a reserved word in Rails.