Topic: 4 Key Points to remember before you start learning Ruby on Rails

If you are a beginner, a Non Programmer, a designer, a doctor, a lawyer or a geek, there are certain important points that we need to remember before we jump in to start learning Ruby on rails. Nothing so complex that might give you a brain freeze.

Never give up
I cannot stress this point enough. Never giving up is the Key to becoming a successful programmer. Programs may be complex to write, but take it positively, It will become very easy eventually.

For e.g.: While driving a car, we put our brain, eyes, ears, hands, feet and our senses to work. Isn’t that complex? But still we never stop driving a car. In fact we have fun while driving it. In the same way, programs look complex, but if you learn it the right way, it is much easier and fun.

Never stop looking for answers
There are many possibilities that you may end up being stuck while writing a code. That doesn’t mean you just give up, turn off your computer and go to sleep, and promise yourself that you will never learn to code again. Please don’t do that. If  you are exhausted take a small break. Persuasion has its benefits.

If you get stuck  anywhere while on your journey towards programming, there are forums and other users out there, who will definitely help you with your queries.  And the most important thing to remember is “GOOGLE” is your friend. If you get stuck, try Google. Keep searching until you find your answer, Have a “NEVER SAY DIE” attitude.

Understand the examples
Do you remember in our school days our teachers would give us a few dumb examples trying to explain something that actually made sense then?

Examples are key points to learn any programming language.  Please don’t copy-Paste even if you can. Type the examples yourself; this will get you Familiar with the language.

In schools, Students are asked to go to detention and write a thousand or a couple of hundred times; So that they will not make the mistake they have made. For e.g.: The student is asked to write “I will not eat bananas in the classroom again”. The next time the student is about to eat Bananas in the classroom, he quietly remembers that it is wrong to commit The same mistake again.  Writing a couple of hundred times the same thing over and over again, keeps a print or an image in your brain.

The same logic applies while learning to code. Keep practicing the examples over and over again. Try to understand the logic.This will make further learning faster and easy. You will also get to know syntax’s and techniques that are very important to learn in any programming language.

I will however be giving fun and Dumb examples so that everybody learning ROR will understand. After all, this site is dedicated to learning and having fun with Ruby on Rails.

Have fun
And the most important above all is having FUN. There are so many ways to have fun. Bungee Jumping, scuba diving, snorkeling, white water rafting etc, we do it because we know its fun, and we don’t hesitate to have fun and do fun things all over again.

Learning Ruby is fun too, but of course there is no adrenaline rush here. But its fun to display data into your very own HTML pages via the database dynamically isn’t it? Writing our very own program and then SCREAM! YAY!! I did it. There is more joy in smaller things sometimes.

Whatever/whichever programming language your learning, keep an open mind and have fun while learning it.