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I'm exploring different options on the best way to approach a small (2 or 3) content managed website build. Basically I come from a classic asp (vbscript) background using custom cms apps and have slowly been getting to grips with ruby/rails the last couple of months but now all I see and hear is wordpress wordpress wordpress which of course is written in PHP. Ruby/rails is great and so nice to work with but with wordpress having such an active community it would seem stupid not to use it. My ruby/rails option would be to use radiant or something similar. What are peoples views on this?

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Re: New small content managed website development

If Wordpress suits your needs, it's probably easier to go down that road. You may need to modify a few things slightly, but it is stable and fast, quick and easy. Rails would suit more if you had to do a huge amount of customization that building your own system would make sense or if you expected to expand development further down the line.