Topic: uninitialized constant LibXMLJRuby::XML::Schema

I'm trying to validate a xml File against a '*.xsd' Schema-File.
- I have the libxml-jruby  Gem installed.
- I'm using JRUBY 1.4.0
My code looks like this:

require 'xml'
document = XML::Document.file(temp_file.path)
schema = XML::Schema.document(xsd_file_name)

I get this error:
uninitialized constant LibXMLJRuby::XML::Schema  sad

Does anybody know how to do it right?

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Re: uninitialized constant LibXMLJRuby::XML::Schema

libxml gem is currently under heavy development, and the target of a pure Java Version seems very close: … sh-it.html

Ideas for a Workaround to fix the above issue are welcome.