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how does google index the posts on rails forum so freaking fast big_smile ??

i post something today and search on google the next day and its there already...

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hello, i have some opinion about this.
some times ago i learned some information about google search engine.

if the web page has good seo optimizations (like a semantic html/xmlsitemap) and high pagerank - this page will have more indexing prioritet. What's why dynamical web pages indexing so fast smile

In opposite of this i think web pages with chaotic html dom-structure and low page rank have low indexing priorities.
What's why when you start up your new site you need to submit this page on google web master tools, but sometimes you need wait more when 1 days while google puts you page to index.

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Indexation is simply related on relevant search engine index.It is nothing but getting optimum pages in whatever the search engine.The variation of ranking is the effect of Indexation.Here are few points for batter indexation:
Tamplets with fresh navigation
Rewriting lacklustre titles and meta tags
Relevant Authority Backlinks

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Ive also noticed that Google has been indexing better ever since the April caffeine update. Its true though that a busy, high PR site basically pulls the Googlebot towards itself.  So not just forums, but also frequently updated blogs. Additionally, an auto-generating/updating sitemap helps too.

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Google index page speed is depend on your site's dynamic pages. And Google page rank update quarterly.

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1) Most of the times Google will index a new website gradually, yes. That is at least what I have observed with most of my websites. The speed at which Google will index all your internal pages will depend on different factors though.

If you get some very trusted and relevant backlinks, and on top of that you also have a very efficient internal link structure, all your internal pages will get indexed fast. If, on the other hand, you have very few backlinks and a poor link structure, it might take a while before you get to see all your pages indexed.

Keep in mind that using the manual URL submission to Google will have a small impact upon the speed and breadth of your indexation. In fact many people recommend that if you want to get a site indexed fast you should NOT use that feature, and rather focus on getting some trusted backlinks to your site.

2) Yes, eventually Google will fix those issues. New sites don’t get crawled very often, so that is certainly the reason. As soon as Google finds out about the “noindex” tag, for example, it will remove those pages from their index.