Topic: Missing templates problem in tests

Hello champs,

I have been writing  a functional test in which i create a new record and finds out that the record is porperly created or not. So i do it like this:-

def test_should_create_record
  assert_difference('ABC.count') do
    post :method_name, :abc => {
                       :name => "Abc",
                       :email  => "",
                       :phone => "+91234567899"
    assert_equal "Please select abc first", flash[:notice]

IN development, if i create any record with these parameter, it gets created. But IN test phase, it is giving me error that ::
ActionView::MissingTemplate: Missing template abc/method_name.erb in view path app/views

How to tackle with it.. ? By request.env['HTTP_REFERER'] or what .. ?

Re: Missing templates problem in tests

I get the same issue...