Topic: What is a svn repository?

I'm slowly trying to get into subversion, but it's not easy :-). But understanding repository would help. When using svn is the Rails project directory (using RadRails) the same as a repository for that project? Or do I keep a project repository separate from that (maybe a stupid question)?

Re: What is a svn repository?

The repository can be anywhere. Basically it is just another place away from your working directory which can be in another folder on your local machine for development or on a remote folder outside of your production folder on the remote webserver.

SVN otherwise known as Subversion is the source code control that keeps your repository with the  latest versions with a checkin and checkout of files.

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Re: What is a svn repository?

A repository is not necessarily the same as the project directory.

A repository is a place where you manage some code with subversion.
In most cases, one repository contains more projects. A sample repository could look like this

-- project1
-- -- trunk
-- -- -- app
-- -- -- config
-- -- -- db
-- -- -- etc...
-- -- branches
-- -- tags
-- project2
-- project3

You can have a look at the (more complex) Ruby On Rails svn repo:
It contains much much more than just one application.

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