Topic: pulling array of objects from params hash

I am trying to pull data from params hash for an array of objects. Here is what the params hash looks like:

  Parameters: {"commit"=>"Submit", "authenticity_token"=>"F2H5g8zgg+X8X2GtwL4Ctiwl3VZlfESDjN+KZhaDzGc=", "outer_object"=>{"inner_object"=>{"#<InnerObject:0x104025e18>"=>{"name"=>"foo", "value"=>"bar"},{"#<InnerObject:0x103d375f8>"=>{"name"=>"monkey", "value"=>"tail"}}}}}

I am trying to fetch an array of inner objects indexed by params[:outer_object][:inner_object]
My attempts to fetch objects results in elements that contain strings with the data in a non-delimited (not usable) fashion. This:

  array_of_objects_from_params = params[:outer_object][:inner_object] ("...size of array_of_objects_from_params: "+ array_of_objects_from_params.size.to_s)
  array_of_objects_from_params.each do |inner_object| ("...inner_object contains: "+ inner_object.to_s)

Produces this:

  ...size of array_of_objects_from_params: 2   
  ...inner object contains: #<InnerObject:0x104025e18>foobar
  ...inner object contains: #<InnerObject:0x103d375f8>monkeytail

Any ideas on how to do this correctly would be greatly appreciated. Thanks alot for the help.

Re: pulling array of objects from params hash

post the view that has the form that created that post with the params you show.

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