Topic: [SOLVED] Newbie having trouble unit testing the has_many association

Hi all,

I am learning RoR using the "Build Your Own Ruby on Rails Web Applications" ebook by Patrick Lenz. I figured that the testing methodology for RoR has changed since then because we do not use the same syntax in the ebook as what I read in the rails documentation.

Anyway, I read carefully the Rails doc on the website, and managed to do my first basic tests without problem.
Since, I added some a has_many association in my database, and I have some trouble with unit testing!

Here is what I have:

My Story model:

class Story < ActiveRecord::Base
  validates_presence_of :name, :link
  has_many :votes
  def latest_votes
    votes.find(:all, :order => 'id DESC', :limit => 3) 

-In my story_test.rb:

test "votes association" do
    assert_equal [votes(:first), votes(:second) ],

and my fixtures in test/fixtures:


# Read about fixtures at

    name: My shiny weblog 

    name: SitePoint Forums 


    id: 1
    story_id: 1
    created_at: <%= %> 
    id: 2 
    story_id: 1 
    created_at: <%= %>

Then I want to do my unit tests, so I type in my terminal rake test:units or, from the test folder, ruby unit/story_test.rb, and I get this as a result:

test_votes_association(StoryTest) [unit/story_test.rb:24]:
<[#<Vote id: 1, story_id: 1, created_at: "2010-06-07 12:10:30", updated_at: "2010-06-07 16:10:30">,
 #<Vote id: 2, story_id: 1, created_at: "2010-06-07 12:10:30", updated_at: "2010-06-07 16:10:30">]> expected but was

In other words, it seems that stories(:first).votes is NIL in the TEST environment..
While my application seems to work fine in the DEVELOPMENT environment.

Isn't my votes fixtures supposed to generate the corresponding entries into the test database?
At first I thought I needed to do something like migrate my database schema with the new association to the test environment (rake db:migrate RAILS_ENV="test"), but it does not work either.

Am I mixing everything up? Did I do something wrong??

Thanks a lot!

I would not like to go further in the development of this application without knowing why my test is failing..


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Re: [SOLVED] Newbie having trouble unit testing the has_many association

Please .. anyone??

Re: [SOLVED] Newbie having trouble unit testing the has_many association

Explicitly set the id of the story fixtures, You'll probably find that the story you are expecting to associate the votes with has an id value other than 1

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Re: [SOLVED] Newbie having trouble unit testing the has_many association

Thanks very much Jamesw!

That was right! Now that I have working tests I feel much more comfortable to add functionality and continue learning RoR!