Topic: Application server & Ruby VM for Rails3?

I have been using mongrel cluster and the default Ruby VM since I started using Rails 3 years ago.  For my highest traffic website I currently run everything on one quad-core box with 8GB memory with CentOS.. This includes Nginx forwarding to 10 Mongrels & Mysql server.  The machine does not break a sweat and there is rarely a queue for mongrel.  My site serves up about 12,000 pages/day and most are under 500ms load time with Mongrel.  I am thinking about upgrading to Rails 3, so I am wondering if I should look at any of the other application servers out there like Thin or Passenger.  It would be nice if I could find something that would give me a little bit of a  performance boost.  I am also wondering if I should consider switching Ruby VMs.  Of course I will need to upgrade higher than 187 to run Rails3, but I have heard that there are other ruby virtual machines out there aside from the default.  Are there any advantages to running IronRuby or JRuby?  What are you guys using in production?  I think mongrel is ok and it has been pretty solid aside from the crappy restart script included in the gem that does not always kill the processes (I patch w/ a script that does a rolling restart and kills the pids if they hang too long on restart).  It does worry me a little that there is not much active development on Mongrel.  Are most of you guys moving away from Mongrel?

Re: Application server & Ruby VM for Rails3?

Well, I posted some discussions in the general section of the forum regarding the issue of "performance" which may or may not help you gain some understanding.

This blog argues that rails performance is not where it should be. This blog is a response to the Igvita (first) blog. The debate helped me gain some understanding of "performance" and scalability and all that, maybe it will help you as well.

However, Phusion Passenger and REE definitely appear to be capable of boosting performance.

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