Topic: How to view error messages remotely

so my app works fine, until i upload it to my hosting FTP. unfortunately i went with which is one of these companies that i later find out only half supports RoR.  and so i'm having all kinds of problems when i go to run my application from their cpanel RoR interface.  of course, it doesn't work, doesn't tell me it didn't work and doesn't provide the error output that it normally would when your environment fails.  which sucks, i can't even see what goes wrong when i try to run the application.  for example HAML crashes the startup, which is ridiculous to me.  i took that out and it runs.

until i try to actually do something.  i get an error at every page now.  these would normally be accompanied by stack traces, which would help me deduce the source of the problem.  But of course, i'm only having these problems remotely.

so my question is, how do you enable application stack trace errors when viewing your page remotely.  i thought they were always included when in development mode (which my application is in) buuuut they're not..

and i'm writing a facebook application, so i kinda have to develop it in a hosted setting.. !!!!! so frustrated right now..  any help would be greatly appreciated!! already emailed support about this, but yeh..

Re: How to view error messages remotely

i also tried setting these in production.rb as well as development.rb

config.action_controller.consider_all_requests_local = true
config.action_view.debug_rjs                         = true