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Heya guys. I just came across heroku and was wondering how it compares to a standard vps, cost-wise. To add just one dyno/worker is an extra $36/month, which is quite alot. Is it worth it, or comparable to vps prices?

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comparable to VPS prices, which is probably what I would do.

I have listed a bunch of good hosting providers in this post

- Ben

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so what vps resources are equivalent to, say, 2 workers?

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Don't know if it helps, but:
I'm just start using linode hosting: 512 RAM plan (20 per month).
I've come up with nginx+thin to run my rails app. Also mysql is used for database.
Total memory usage is 122Mb (shown by 'free -m'). Also I've got this app hosted on heroku (1 dyno - free account).
Performance is equal and very fast for both linode and heroku. Except one: I've found out that this one free dyno process is closed after some time and loaded again when new request sent to app. However, heroku support said that this is only when using free account.
Conclusion: VPS is much cheaper and performance is equal.
Deploy took approximately 1 hour - quite simple, I used Slicehost articles. I must say that I was totally newbie in deploy.
Good luck.