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Hi I am just wondering if anyone could advise me on a hosting company they use and have good service from.

I am looking to rent a reseller host which has support for ruby on rails, obviously. But also i am just learning the ins and outs of setting up and maintaining a server so I am really looking for a host that has good friendly support especially on the rails front because just from reading other posts it might get a little tricky at times.

I signed up for because they said they had tutorials on ruby on rails and gave it full support unfortunately they dont and have told me they have to do some research on it before they can help me so i want to move. Also I am looking for a europe based server.

Thanks in advance for any input.

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I am trying out TextDrive right now and I have tried MediaTemple. Both have their pluses. MediaTemple seems to be easier to setup and a bit more straightforward, but their support for my first major issue was a bit slow. It does work now however.

I haven't had many issues with TextDrive just yet, BUT their guide to getting a RoR application up is around 5 pages long (!!). I haven't yet completed an application deployment there yet.

I'll post extras to this thread as I know them.

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I recently set up an app at  It was really a breeze - their tutorials gave me just what I needed.  They even have a 1-year free trial plan, so you can give it a spin with nothing lost.  They responded to a support email very quickly.  I don't know about their support for large, complex apps - just haven't tried it.

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Thanks seems really good and there list of tutorials are really good.

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Take a look at, a website dedicated to comparing Rails hosting companies. It should give you a pretty good idea of the options available.

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