Topic: Apache + Passenger -> ROR hates me!

I'm new to ROR and the most stuff around it. I hope you can enlighten me!

My problem:
A co-worker has developed an little ror-app with aptana... in developent it works
I set up a vserver (Ubuntu Server 10.x) as LAMP.
DB Migration worked.
Working from development desktop on MySQL works.
Transfered it on my server, followed all the advices Mr. Google could give me to configure the apache and install Phussion Passenger.
But no success!

I tried it with a more simple example:
I created a blank ror-app. Tried script/server and it worked. Tried to bind it into apache -> same again.

In the simplest way (setting document root on the symlink to public folder) it now showes the public folder index.
In a more complex manner (as sub-uri) connection dies immediately or it stays active (passenger-status showes domain activity) until time-out after about 10min.

I know, I sound bit confused... sorry for that..

My default-vhost looks like that:

<VirtualHost *:80>
DocumentRoot /var/www
<Directory /var/www>
Options Indexes FollowSymLinks
AllowOverride ALL
Order allow, deny
Allow from all

RailsBaseURI /test    #name of the symlink in my doc root to the public folder of my example

I only want to access the app via apache as sub-uri. What have I forgotten?
The logs are not significant.

I'm lost.

Thanks for any hint.


Re: Apache + Passenger -> ROR hates me!

I'm sorry I cannot answer your question, as recently I have been in the same position as you. But you got one thing I didn't, which is able to see the index of your public folder. I have less understanding of this than you so and I was wondering how the url part works. They say put a domain name there? Well how does apache and passenger know to use the domain, how can they? Wouldn't name servers have to point there? This is so confusing to me. Not to mention it doesn't say a domain name anywhere in the public folder?

Ahh, the documentation is supposed to be really good for passenger yet I am so confused on the domain part.

(sorry that doesn't help you at all)

- Ben

Re: Apache + Passenger -> ROR hates me!

I'm not good at this stuff... I'm supossed to be a programmer, not an admin...

As far as I understand, you buy/rent an domainname (means it get registered with an pointer to an IP-Address or an switch for an IP-space)... if at this address is your webserver (e.g. an apache) it reads the message header for whom the request was... if it got an virtualhost entry with a matching servername/serveralias it uses this informations to handle the message...
as far I understood ror/passenger, you can simply sign a RailsBaseURI that identifies a symlink in your www-folder, that points to the public folder of your ror-app et voilà... it should work... well... not so well at my side. The interpreter (Passenger) starts... but don't answer...

I will dig myself in some more manuals... thanks for reply.

another thing, I've forgotten to mention: the possibility to bind an app to doesn't work either... I believe this could be caused by the infrastructure around my vserver (namly Firewalls and switches) that could perhaps deny such domain name extentions...

I hope someone has any ideas,,,


Re: Apache + Passenger -> ROR hates me!

Yeah I have a domain, it's pointing at hostmonster's name servers (that's my unfortunate hosting company for now). I don't want to use a real domain though anyways. I want to just run this locally on my computer, pretty much do what you're doing. I want to set it up to use a localhost type of thing for development, but it would be nice to know how to use a real domain as well since I'm buying a VPS soon and want to set up passenger and REE.

I'm sure you've read this, but incase you haven't looked yet read this: … to_sub_uri

I'm still a little confused on this though.

- Ben