Topic: Rendering svg file into a jpg format

Dear Friends,

I need to prepare some some logo's, i have inputs like svg images and text. I need to read the same and write into a jpg file.

I have an svg image with 600 X 400 size, and a text called "Company Log"

I need to generate a jpg image of size 300X200, which reads the svg image resize it to 100 X 50 and write this into jpg image. Also i need to add the text "company logo" in jpg file.

How i should proceed?

I have used rmagick like,
    granite ='one.svg')
    canvas =
    canvas.new_image(300, 200,,50)))
    text =
    text.font_family = 'arial'
    text.pointsize = 24
    text.annotate(canvas, 1,1,1,180, Text) {
    self.fill = 'darkblue'

when using the above code, granite image is displayed thrice as i have resized it to small and also as texture it is filled throughout the image. I want display it only once at the right side and at the left side i need the text.

Could anyone plz suggest on abouve issue

Jose Marin