Topic: Double Requests


I got an rails application running on Ubuntu with Apache and Phusion Passenger.

For every request that is made, it shows as two duplicated requests in the log with the same exactly the same timestamp. The first request always works fine, but the second fails. Unfortunately the problem for my application is that the user will never be logged on the system...

If I install mongrel and start up a service, everything works fine. (Only one successful request)

Do anyone have a clue what the problem can be?

The application needs to run under Phusion Passenger..

Apache error.log: Show only one request

Thank you in advanced!

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Re: Double Requests

Probably you have precompiled assets. Did you use command?

RAILS_ENV=develment bundle exec rake assets:precompile

Check if the folder public/assets exists and remove it with

rm -rf public/assets

Make sure you have also cleared a cache from browser.