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I'm trying to use login engine to perform user authentication on a app I'm building. I've installed LoginEngine correctly from what I can see. I'm stuck on the schema import section.

When I run the following command:

rake db_schema_import

I get the following output:

undefined method `config' for Login Engine:Module

I also came across this article recommending not using LoginEngine if a lot of customization is required. What have you guys used or can recommend for authentication? … and-tricks


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Re: Authentication Issue

I don't have any experience with it, but the documentation says to run this in the root of your rails app to update the schema.

rake engine_migrate ENGINE=login

Have you tried that?

Regarding customization, I'd suggest creating your own authentication. It really isn't too hard with Rails. I know the Rails Recipes book has a recipe in it showing how to create a very simple User model with authentication.

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Re: Authentication Issue

I've tried that too, I have the recipe book so I'll give the recipe a try, so much for a quick solution smile

Re: Authentication Issue

I've used login and user engines in four or five Rails apps and they've worked great. The recipe is wonderful but you get quite a bit more in the engine. Try this:

- create a brand new rails app
- script/plugin install engines
- script/plugin install login_engine
- rake db:migrate:engines
- rake bootstrap

If it works, try doing the same for your real app. Alternatively, dump the schema for the users table and load it into you real database (not recommended if you're using migrations).

I wrote a wiki article here about the user engine in particular that may be of help if you decide on role-based authentication with the user engine. Also, try a post on the engines list.

Customization is pretty straightforward. I don't know what you need so it's hard to comment on whether the login engine will work for you.

Re: Authentication Issue

That worked, thanks! I still dunno why it didn't work initially using the instructions from rails-engines. I'll investigate and see if I can nail it down.

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