Topic: Factories accepts_nested_attributes_for

So I am trying to be a good boy and used TDD, but I have reached a road block which makes me want to cheat and move on without tests. I am to the point where I need alot of data and in the model I need to test I am using accepts_nested_attributes_for. My model has about about 5 total fields and my nested attributes amount to 18. Many of the fields om my main model are created based on the nested attributes. Overall I need like 5 to 10 records for my testing. From what I have been able to research Factories are the way to go, but I cant find any tutorials or documentation on how to use it with accepts_nested_attributes_for? I am using cucumber and rspec. If anyone has any advice, or knows if one factory solution will work better than another please let me know. I am open to any other ideas for populating test data as well.