Topic: can anyone get radrails to even work ?

I can't get it to create new projects and I can't get the server webrick to work when I import a project...

The mailing list sends me to a broken page...

I'm thinking i''l stick with textmate but the shift ctrl v feature to jump to the method in controllers is golden! Can we have that in textmate ??

Re: can anyone get radrails to even work ?

I've been using it for about six months, on windows though.  I just upgraded to 0.7 and it works just fine.

What JRE are you running?  Did you install it as an ecplise plugin, or did you download the standalone version?

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Re: can anyone get radrails to even work ?

Check out the syncPEOPLE on Rails bundle for TextMate for jumping between view, controller, tests, partials, etc. There's quite a few more goodies in that bundle as well. Some things don't work in the latest version of TextMate/Rails, but it's still a great bundle.

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Re: can anyone get radrails to even work ?

Yeah AH! Y=aY YAy AY YAY ! big_smile Sorry JUST WAY happy to have this ! now ,, the just to file thing helps me figure out and think soooo much faster now...

Now I just need to get this search tool figured out ! Sweeet,, many thanks big_smile XD