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I'm doing some reseach for a College project. Specifically i am looking at code smells in Ruby. First off, i'm aware of the various code smell detectors out there such as Roodi and Reek. They primarily look at classic code smells such as OO smells(god class , method line count etc...). I'm more interested in identifying RoR specific smells and also security and performance smells.

So for example one smell that was suggested to me is action names in controllers that aren't...
[:index, :show, :new, :create, :edit, :update, :destroy]

The above could be debated but its the genenral idea.

all comments are welcome. thanks in advance!

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Re: Code Smells in RoR

Check out this book:

Re: Code Smells in RoR

wow, obvioulsy didn't do my research properly!

looks like that is full of the type of things i am looking for.
thanks for the feedback. should be extremely helpful.

more comments are still welcome too. i'd like to try and get a broad range of opinions if possible.