Topic: RSpec Issues

I have a project that I am switching from TestUnit to RSpec.  I installed RSpec. Generated a test but it won't run with rake (or rake:spec).  It runs if I run rspec and point it to the spec directory.  I created a second dummy project, installed rspec and ran generated a dummy scaffold and it runs correctly with rake.  Any Ideas?

Using rvm, rails 1.9.2, ruby 3.0.0 rspec


Re: RSpec Issues

did you use: "rails new proj -T" when creating your project?

Re: RSpec Issues

No, I didn't.  It was a straight up rails project (no options) I then tried adding rspec (along with factory-girl, cucumber and others to the project).  I have no idea what I did but reverting to the previous check-in, and then re-applying my changes it works.  I am sure I am missed something I did the first time (possibly the wrong order?) but it isn't holding me up any more.

Thanks for the Reply.