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Hey all. I haven't been on the forums for quite a white, but I'm getting back into Rails (Rails 3 yay!) and I'm trying to decide how to move forward with hosting. I've found great advice from great minds here in the past, hoping to get some more!

Currently I have a VPS with MediaTemple. I run several PHP websites and one RoR site from my server. The VPS is great because I can configure it however I want to, and I can "scale" easily by just paying for more resources and optimizing my PHP/MYSQL config. The downside to MediaTemple is that they don't have much support for RoR, but their tech support is always happy to help me beyond what they promise and after a lot of time tweaking I've found that Phuzion Passenger plays well with Apache.

Now I'm getting into iPhone development and am planning a string of data-driven apps powered by a RoR server. I'm considering purchasing a second VPS from MediaTemple to use strictly for RoR so I can move to Ruby 1.9.2 and Rails 3.0, and scale it separately from my PHP sites if any of my iPhone apps / RoR web apps really take off.

My main concern is that one of these apps wil be a social game, and even if I am very smart about the design, it will produce a very high number of server requests. Not much bandwidth since it will be returning mostly XML or JSON, but lots of database reads and writes.

With this in mind, I'm considering cloud hosting like Engine Yard. It seems like a great scalable solution, and I could host as many RoR apps as I need, but it's hard to tell how much money it will cost me. The VPS starts out at $50 for a decent machine, and goes up from there. MediaTemple is great, I can't say enough about their tech support, but I'm trying to find the best scalable solution.

Anybody have any input? I don't need to make the decision right away, but I'd love to hear from anybody who has experience managing larger-scale RoR apps. Any and all advice would be much appreciated.


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Re: Looking for a new Rails hosting solution

I have had very good luck and experience with Linode.