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I have just started using textmate as I have bought myself a Mac.
I am gradually getting the hang of the editor but I have a couple of things that I'm not sure about:

When you do Command-t to open a file its great for finding the file if it has a distinctive name but what do you do if you have 25 different "index.rhtml" or something in different view folders. I cant find a way of specifying folder?

If I have two projects open at the same time they dont appear separately in the command-tab list. Its not intuitive how to move from one project to the other....

Again with two projects I'd like to copy and paste a file from one project to the other. I couldn't figure out how to do it and I used Finder.

If I run a "generate migration" from within textmate it says it is "done" but there is no migration file produced....

After manually creating the migration and trying to "migrate to current" from textmate, I get :
RakeMate r

rake aborted! stack level too deep /Users/george/Dropbox/git/paua/rakefile:10 (See full trace by running task with --trace) (in /Users/george/Dropbox/git/paua)

The migration runs fine from the command line.

Any feedback/tips appreciated

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Re: Textmate question(s)

In response to 2. Cmd-backtick swaps between projects, this works on most applications. I was very happy when I found this one as window based alt-tab was the one thing I really missed from my windows machine.

The backtick is on the left of your keyboard, looks like an inverted comma but backwards.