Topic: Empty mail body in production environment


I'm working on a little rails app. Now I'm having some problems to deploy this app. I have a mailer to send some emails to the users. In development mode the templates are getting renderd and there is a log entry showing that the body was renderd:
"Rendered user_mailer/ (1.0ms)"
In production mode now "Rendered user_mailer/ (1.0ms)" appears in the log and the email has an empty body. Subject which is build with I18n.t ".." is correct.

Another point where I18n fails are form submit buttons. Field labels are translated as expected but the button labels are correct in development mode but not in production mode.

My environment is: Rails 3.0.1 with HAML for view markup.

Does anybody have an idea why this internationalization-problems occur and how this could be solved or be debugged more detailled?

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