Topic: Why isn't cucumber used for unit testing?

This has always bothered me. Why is it people say to unit test in rspec but integration test in cucumber? I am not asking why these tests are necessary - I know what the difference is between integration and unit testing. I just don't see why, given cucumber's completely customizable syntax, it isn't used for unit testing?

I can do everything in cucumber that I can in rspec. I can mock, I can test on the model level, etc. It seems to me that the same amount of typing is required for both since they're both bdd tools. The only difference is with cucumber they're defined in a different file.

Re: Why isn't cucumber used for unit testing?

I think the main reason is because you (usually) have no need to show your unit tests to your customer.

Cucumber is great because it integrates agile concepts like User Acceptance Testing with Integration Tests.
Even though you could write your unit tests with cucumber, it seems to me that it would just be overkill.

I mean, why would you care to write unit tests in plain english and then translate them to ruby code
when unit tests are mainly meant for developers (and people with some coding experience)? I think
the real power of cucumber is to be found in user stories (or features if you prefere), not in the steps...

IMHO, when working on a software which is not developed using BDD and where the team is mainly composed
of developers, I prefer to work with just RSpec (even for integration tests). I find RSpec easy enough (for people