Topic: [Cucumber]Which example fails??

I have the following test:
Feature: Test the login for all roles
    In order to login
    As user
    I need to provide my password and username

    Scenario Outline: Test login for role
        Given user should exist with email: "", name: "tester"
        And the user with email: "" is a "<role>"
        And I am on login_path
        And I should see "Inloggen" within "h1"
        When I fill in "login" with ""
        And I fill in "password" with "123456"
        And I press "login"
        And I should see "Welcome."
        And I should not see "Inloggen" within "h1"
        | role |
        | admin |
        | Retailer |
        | Client |
        | superuser |
        | tester |

I know that it fails on this line 'And I should see "Welcome."' for 2 of the 5 tests. But Cucumber doesn't give which example fails. Cucumber only gives the failing line of the Scenario Outline and not from the Examples.
Does anyone know how to get for which example it fails?

Re: [Cucumber]Which example fails??

Sometimes you have to stare into the trace it give you to see which step went wrong.  Depending on how you do the output, they'll all scroll by.

Another method might be to comment them out, and add them back one and a time testing. Works for me end of day, when ye ol' eyes are blurry.