Topic: What is the technical term for this?

This may sound confusing, but is it possible in Rails to build a very basic app whose only job is to redirect what people type in for that site to something on another site? Here's an example:

Let's just say that a URL to a movie is something like

Could you make a really simple app in Rails at say the domain that allows people to just type in like and be instantly directed to the netflix version? So, I guess it has to convert and change the URL, but I don't know how. The website would be pretty much blank. The only thing it would be used for is automatically redirecting to the netflix site. The idea is just to give people an easier way to find something in a database type site if they already know what they are looking for. People wouldn't really go to just, the only time they would use the site is just directly typing in the URL for a movie, like

I already posted most of this in the tutorial request thread, but if I could find the better technical word for this, I might be able to find some tutorials now. It really doesn't seem like it would be that difficult. I'm new to Rails, and kinda new to web programming. I've been using HTML and CSS for like 6 years though.

Thanks guys! I'm very eager to learn how to do this. Netflix is just an example by the way, that's not really my idea big_smile.

EDIT: Here's some of the discussion I had on the Rails Google Group, it may give you some more information on what I'm trying to do: … 3b20282c15

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