Topic: /dispatch.fcgi process error

Our rails application was working perfectly fine till last friday.
There were around 700 requests every 15 minutes or so and we didnt have
any problems.
Suddenly from saturday, we are seeing a very slow response server.
The dispatch.fcgi being terminated very often. We found that Rails_App/log/Fastcgi.crash.log
had lines like
Asked to terminate immediately
explicit exit
We found that the VPS controller is terminating the process.
We checked the apache error log in /usr/local/apache/logs and there are repeated entries as below

[Tue Dec 07 11:16:52 2010] [notice] mod_fcgid: too much  /home/xxxx/public_html/dispatch.fcgi process(current:2, max:2), skip the spawn request

We found that   In /usr/local/apache/fastcgi.conf
DefaultMaxClassProcessCount =2

But this value was existing before the problem started.

There was no explicit changes to done to the server configuration from our end. What could be the reason for it to misbehave ? Can somebody help .