Topic: Deployment troubles with Passenger and Apache

Hello, I'm trying to deploy my app on a virtualbox machine running Ubuntu. I've set up passenger with apache and changed the permissions which seems to be somewhat working, however the routing isn't working as it does in development.

Basically when I go to localhost it says "Index of /" and lists all files in my public directory, rather than redirecting to the index page. When Putting in the default index.html that comes in the public folder it displays that, it just chooses to present the files rather than redirect the app. Would someone be able to tell me what I'm doing wrong?

routes.rb has the line

root :to => "offers#index"

which always worked in development, and adding index.html to the public folder shows the rails "Welcome Aboard" page, which suggests that the app is actually running, but I can't understand why it's not redirecting.

Edit: Actually this doesn't suggest that the app is running. It could just be opening the index.html page, which is likely, however I don't know how to test if it is working or not, and if not how I can fix this.

If any more information is needed then just ask.
Thanks in advance

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