Topic: sqlite3-ruby requires newer sqlite3 version

Hi, I'm trying to setup a debian 5.0 box with rails. So far everything worked fine after a view configuration issues.

My problem now is that i want to install the sqlite3-ruby gem. But it responds with an error that the sqlite3 on the server is to old and version 3.6.16+ is required. But through apt-get I'm only getting the 3.5.9 version.

So how I can install the newest version 3.7.4 from sqlite3? I've already downloaded the autoconf tarball and runed ./configure and make & make install. But its throwing an error after the installation when I'm trying to run sqlite3 on the console.

sqlite3: symbol lookup error: sqlite3: undefined symbol: sqlite3_config

Anyone knows a clean way to install sqlite3 3.7.4 or what the problem is?