Topic: Request Trip Time

Hi there,

I've been searching for this but I can't find an answer. I'm trying to write some code to use an AJAX app to time offline events by posting an update event to the server, which will log its own timestamp in the database when it receives the request.

Whilst the basics of this I have working fine, I was trying to establish if there is a way to determine two things:
1) The time taken for the request to be received by the application - users will often be accessing this through mobile connections, which tend to have quite high latency. Obviously there is quite a large difference between 100ms ping and 600ms ping, and over several requests the seconds will build up unless I can factor for them.
2) The app will be hosted on heroku - in the event that there are multiple requests received simultaneously, they'll be held in the heroku queue waiting for a dyno - is there any way to see if this is true, and discover the length of the wait if it is?

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