Topic: jQuery, rails.js and accumulative callbacks

I am having a problem with jQuery AJAX callbacks being called once for every time a form has been submitted. Here is a pastie link to the javascript that I am using ( This is a rails 3 application using rails.js which can be found here ( … c/rails.js). I did make one slight modification to rails.js - at the moment it only allows you to send a content type of text/javascript - I updated it to allow application/json or text/javascript depending on the data-type HTML attribute. Here is a link to the updated callRemote function (

My form is fairly simple, there are 3 radio buttons and 2 sliders. The idea is that when a user interacts with a slider or selects an input the form will be submitted and the appropriate results shown. The form submission is working and I am getting the results I expect but the callback function

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