Topic: Problem with Hudson ci, svn and schema.rb

Dear Community,

There seems to be a problem with the schema.rb file and the deployment of our Rails project on Hudson CI.

Using svn as versioning system I have checked in and tested the latest version of our project to the main svn repository via Netbeans. Compared to the last Hudson build, this time the database has been changed and so the schema.rb has changed as well. The latest version of schema.rb has been checked in, too.
When I now try a Hudson build (ci), an error occurs.

ust after the dab:rake in the test environment starts, the rake fails:
rake aborted!
db/schema.rb:29: syntax error, unexpected tLSHFT, expecting kEND
<<<<<<< .mine

There are more of these error lines along the whole schema.rb file at different lines

Looking at the code resource in Hudson after the failed build, there are different versions of schema.rb in the db directory of the application.

Any help is greatly appriciated!



Re: Problem with Hudson ci, svn and schema.rb

Dear community,

here is the solution for my problem. Perhaps it could be of interest for someone else:

In the Hudson Configurations for your project there is a checkbox called "Using update command". If this box is checked, all the mistakes from the last build are "reused", symply speaking.

Try to uncheck this box for ONE build. This build should work now.

Afterwards, check this box again. The next build should work as well, because the update command now uses the last build, which was ok.