Topic: view own posts

Just an idea.

Not sure what this forum software is but ... making me gander "vanilla" ???
Anyway, thought it would be nice to have a "view own post" search link.

lolo, would love to have the vB rollover that shows a preview of the thread too ... but ...

Any reason why this place isn't using a R/R solution?  There's plenty of users here that probably could help support the development or advancement of an existing product.

Also, sort of like the idea of being Ruby themed rather than PHP ... however, the idea of using the better item does make sense.

Cheers and just ideas for thought.

my 930 goes weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :-)


Re: view own posts

I would love to see a kick ass Ruby/Rails forum out there!

Re: view own posts

I will love to see it also, I will follow this if your idea are very useful and helpful for my side. Good luck, hope it will be implemented.

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