Topic: problem w/ page.insert_html

I'm trying to dynamically insert form fields using javascript.  I had it working fine in my test application but now that I've integrated into my real app, I get the RJS error -- no method ELement.insert...

I've searched all over for the solution to this and have tried, to no avail, almost every suggestion.  I ended trying to just build my app on top of the test app I put together, but that didn't work either.  The only difference I could think of was that I was using basic username/password in the test, but migrated to Authlogic.  I also implemented cancan in my app.  Could either of these cause some sort of conflict?  My js includes are identical and I even copied my javascripts folder from test app to the real app and it did nothing.  Any ideas?  thanks!

here is the error:

Re: problem w/ page.insert_html

RJS errors are client side, so I doubt they have anything to do with cancan or authlogic ... unless you are hiding parts of the page based on login and role?