Topic: Very basic Rails noob question

I have successfully combined Authlogic and Paperclip so that users can
log in and create a new user profile and upload their picture. However
the picture that they upload will be a type of object ie tree,
building, car etc. there is also a field called "type" when they
create their profile that tells them to specify the type of object
they are uploading

I created a new controller called game and
created a action called show in the games controller:
  def show
    @user = "test"
   term = "tree"
         @users = User.find(:all,:conditions => ["my_type LIKE ?",
"%#{term}%"], :limit=>4)
   render :layout => "game"

when I go to this action it shows 4 "tree" pictures:
in my app/views/game/_show.html.erb I have the following:

<% @users.each do |user| %>
   <td><%= image_tag user.avatar.url(:thumb) %></td>
<% end %>

Now I want to be able to show 3 radio buttons (tree, car, and
building) and the user to pick one and hit "next
if he chooses correct he will go to a page that says congratulations,
and if he chooses wrong he will go to a page that says wrong. the
radio buttons will be tree, car, building. What else do i need to add
to my app/views/game/_show.html.erb to accomplish this?