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Hi all

First post here! I'm a web developer from the UK smile

I've heard about Rails many times over the last 4 years but never really got around to trying it out, maybe I didn't think it would take off etc, whatever... Anyway I've been playing about with it for the last few days and I absolutely love it!  Just annoyed that I'm so late to the party sad

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We have same experience in playing same games.

Good luck guys. .........I'm from Honolulu, Hawaii

Call me Maizie.

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Dude, it's never too late. I believe that rails will expand more and more. Look since how many years php and Java are here (Php: 17 years - 1994, J2EE: 12 years - 1999), Rails is here since only 5 years, it still has its best days ahead.

Don't worry about it. Welcome and good learning smile.