Topic: Flash Notices and Welcome Messages

I love the Flash notices in rails, is there any way to make them more permanent?  Suppose you want to add a <div> to a welcome page when a user first registers that introduces them to a site and let's them explore its features.  The notice appears each time  the user logs in, but there is a button to close it when they have decided they don't need the welcome message anymore.  Once they close the <div>, it never appears when they login again.  So it gives the user the power to determine when the message should go away.

I know this is probably not the Flash but just using a custom <div> and jquery solution.  I'm just not sure how such things are done.  Anyone happen to know of any tutorials or keywords on this?  I'm not even sure what to call it - i'm thinking sort of like a broadcast message that can be added across the application, and once a user reads it and doesn't need it anymore will no longer appear on their account. 


Re: Flash Notices and Welcome Messages

You have to store the choice of user. In session (but it will be lost when session will be killed), or in cookie, or even in users table.
You display or not the div functions of user's choice state.