Topic: Rails 3 Hosting

I am currently hosting with MediaTemple on their grid service.  I looked at adding a rails container only to find out they are not yet supporting Rails 3.  I want to deploy a rails 3 app but not sure what hosting providers to look at (I'm new to rails).  I'm basically looking for some type of share hosting, with a budget of around $20-$30 per month.  Any advice? recommendations? things I should consider when choosing a host?

Thanks all!

Re: Rails 3 Hosting

You could try heroku. It is pretty simple to deploy and they only charge you for what you use pretty much. Here is the link for the pricing: and here is a link on how to get your app up to heroku:

If you are familiar with Git you should be able to post to heroku really easy.

Some others I have heard of but have not tested are: