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Hi all,

I'm just starting using RoR 3.0 for a class project. The class isn't in web programming, we were allowed to use any framework we want and we decided on Rails 'cause we heard the hype. We're doing a To-Do list app and it's going OK except that we're now trying to add Ajax to it and having extreme difficulties with a total lack of documentation, tutorials, or sanity. Anything we can find is for old version of rails and talk about link_to_remote or jQuery.

What we have is a list of tasks in a left hand pane, and a right hand pane (div in a td) for displaying the details of the task when it's clicked.

We're trying to put a link_to around the task with a :remote => true and having absolutely no luck (in fact, we can't even seem to get started due to the aforementioned lack of documentation). None of us are strong ruby programmers, but our app is mostly working thus far.

Could anyone point me to a tutorial, or post sample code or something to help me understand how AJAX and rails are supposed to work?


Re: Help, tutorial, or anything

Have you tried the Railscast for complex forms? Ryan goes over exactly on what you are trying to do. Check the link here: